People come to counseling for many different reasons and need different kinds of help.


  •  Immediate Concern/Situation

Sometimes people need help to address and manage an immediate situation. With this type of work, I would help to address problems or symptoms and work towards skill-building and relief. This could be a sudden increase in anxiety, the start of or worsening of depression, difficulty transitioning with a job or move, the ending or potential ending of a relationship, or a personal crisis.

  • Chronic Problems, Recurring Patterns, Life Dissatisfaction

Some people are looking for a chance to explore and transform more chronic or recurring problems with issues like self-esteem, relationship or communication problems, anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, and lack of motivation. This work may require looking more deeply into patterns and addressing pain or trauma and assumptions and feelings about self and others. People who want to work on these issues may need longer-term, depth therapy to address these kinds of problems.



You are so tired of fighting.  your partner won’t open up about their feelings.  You didn’t know a marriage could feel so lonely. You haven’t had sex in weeks or months. Talking about finances always ends in a fight. You are worried your significant is going to leave.  You wonder how this is affecting the children. You miss the way it used to be. You wonder if there is an affair happening. You can’t do this anymore but you’re not ready to say goodbye. 

Relationships need nurturing to stay healthy and strong. Therapy can provide the framework and guidance to help you work though the issues that lead you here, and help you move toward healing. Imagine feeling connected again. Feeling hope. You don’t have to do this alone. Support exists, and I’m here to help.

As a couple’s therapist, I strive to help the couple engage with one another in a way that leads to better communication and a great capacity to express one’s needs and understand the needs of one’s partner. I consider each partner’s attachment style and way of relating. My approach is collaborative, direct and respectful. Through couples psychotherapy, I help couples to identify and change the patterns of relating that have led to feeling stuck or hurt. In facilitating this work, my hope is that my client’s achieve:

  • better communication
  • greater empathy for self and other
  • more fulfillment from the relationship
  • the tools to work through future issues
  • and greater trust



Something needs to change. You feel like you are walking on eggshells.  You never thought parenting would be so hard.  One person’s mood controls the whole family.  The fighting is out of hand.  You tried everything you can think of and don’t know what else to do.  It feels like things are escalating. 

All families go through hard times, and sometimes they need help to get back on track. I act as a gentle guide to help your family through this difficult time.   Therapy provides the space to help each member look at issues from a different point of view, recognize how they may contribute to a problem, then learn and practice new ways of interacting. Family therapy is often short term and can improve family function, enhance communication, and increase relationship satisfaction.


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